Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

Patrick Roggenbau is a German artist living and working in Spring Lake, Michigan.
 Having studied art in Florence, Italy he was heavily influenced by the Renaissance masters. His style, if to be defined, is somewhere between naturealism and expressionism.

His main focus is the exploration of the enigmatic connection between humans and nature (animals).
It’s a complicated relationship that can be seen from different perspectives, both positively and negatively. Our relationship with animals is often lived out on a very emotional level. In it’s ideal form it would be a connection of harmony and love, but many times it is defined by dysfunction, possessiveness and misunderstanding.

I have lived with dogs, horses, cats, turtles, birds and fish most of my life. This is an advantage when it comes to handling them but you do have to learn how to listen to them and be quiet and patient if you are truly looking for communication. It is like opening a door to make an exchange of energy happen, with two equal beings. Only then you are able to establish a true connection.

In my paintings I try to show the animal as not any different from us humans in their ability to express and feel joy, sadness, jealousy and love.

I would like my paintings to speak from the soul of life.