2nd Annual Art Fort Lauderdale – “The Art Fair On The Water”

Jan 25 – 28
801 Seabreeze Blvd
33316 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Continuing the announcements of artists we’ll be featuring in the #artINDIE exhibit as part of 2nd Annual Art Fort Lauderdale – “The Art Fair On The Water”;

Today we’re proud to announce the participation Patrick Roggenbau in #ArtFTL18.

In his work, Patrick is exploring the relationship between man and animal. These two beings have coexisted along side each other since time immemorial and their relationship can be seen from different perspectives, both positively and negatively. Our relationship with animals is often lived out on a very emotional level. In it’s ideal form it would be a connection of harmony and love, but many times it is defined by dysfunction, possessiveness and misunderstanding. The way Patrick sees it and depicts it in his paintings is a colorful energetic field between human and animal. Underlying is also a societal and political message.